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Unleash your creativity with our exquisite Miniature Painted Watercolor Pen! Embellished with delicate watercolor designs, these pens are not just tools but pieces of art in themselves, perfect for any art enthusiast seeking inspiration. Each pen boasts precision and control, allowing you to effortlessly craft intricate details in your paintings. Whether for professional work or casual doodling, these pens elevate your artistic expressions with a touch of elegance. Elevate your artistry with our Miniature Painted Watercolor Pens today and witness your creations come to life! 🎨

Including: 1set (6 paints, 2 colouring pens, 1 box)

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4 reviews for Miniature Painted Watercolor Pen – Stonetowerminiatures

  1. Liria Rico

    I love how you can actually move individual pieces. That’s the best part.

  2. Tamara

    Perfect little mini paints & tray.

  3. Jims45

    Very cool mini paint set with tons of detail! Ty so much!

  4. Julia Toal

    So cute! The little paints and brushes are removable and look super cute!

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Miniature Painted Watercolor Pen
Miniature Painted Watercolor Pen – Stonetowerminiatures


999 in stock