Fairy Garden Containers Ideas for Both Indoor and Outdoor Space

You have lots of options for your fairy garden container! Experiment with glass terrariums, mason jars, or teacups for an indoor display. A ceramic dish can give versatility, whereas repurposed items like bird cages can add a whimsical charm. Going for a rustic feel? Try barrels or wheelbarrows. Do not overlook the upcycling possibilities offered by old drawers. Each container allows for creative landscapes filled with miniatures, succulents, and fairy-tale charm. Choose according to your space, theme, and personal style. As you look for the right fit, you’ll find more fairy garden ideas to transform any container into a mini enchanted world.

Key Takeaways

  • Glass terrariums make self-sustaining, enclosed fairy gardens with miniature ecosystems.
  • Mason jars and teacups serve as affordable, transparent, and whimsical containers perfect for indoor displays.
  • Ceramic dishes and repurposed items like bird cages or birdbaths provide versatile options for indoor or outdoor fairy gardens.
  • Unique containers like wheelbarrows and rustic options like barrels can serve as striking centerpieces in outdoor fairy gardens.

Old drawers or wagons can be upcycled into unique fairy garden containers, adding vintage charm and creativity to the setup.

14 Fairy Garden Container Ideas

fairy garden container ideas

Now, let’s explore some specific container ideas for your fairy garden. Consider the elegance of a terrarium or mason jar. The quaint charm of a teacup. Or the robust presence of a ceramic dish. Alternatively, you may opt for the unique flair of a bird cage or birdbath to create your enchanting miniature world.


If you want a fairy garden container that is self-sustaining, a terrarium could be the perfect choice. These glass containers form a mini ecosystem, providing a controlled environment perfect for your miniature plants.

With a terrarium, you can easily create a captivating, low-maintenance fairy garden within a closed system. The enclosed space is often sealed, creating a self-sustaining cycle of water and air.

Terrariums can be decorated with mini accessories like fairy figurines and tiny garden tools to add a magical touch. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, a terrarium lets you create a fairy garden in any space.

Mason Jar

For a trendy and durable option, consider mason jars as containers for your fairy garden. These unique containers are affordable and offer a transparent view of the roots, allowing sunlight to fully reach your plants.

Mason jars are perfect for adding miniature accessories to create an enchanting scene. You can add tiny furniture or figurines to bring your fairy tale to life right in your own home. Mini tables and chairs can be found in local craft stores.

You can use mason jars to create charming fairy gardens, indoors or outdoors, bringing a magical touch to any area.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fairy gardens by using teacups as delightful and whimsical containers. These charming vessels add a touch of elegance and nostalgia. It makes them perfect for creating miniature indoor fairy gardens.

A teacup fairy garden can transform a small space into a magical realm when placed on a tabletop, shelf, or windowsill. Personalize your teacup with faux plants, miniature furniture, and other fairy garden accessories for a truly unique display.

A teacup fairy garden isn’t just a container. It’s a whimsical world that surprises and delights visitors. So, why not explore this idea and let your creativity flow into the cup of enchantment?

Ceramic Dish

Discover the endless possibilities of using ceramic dishes as enchanting containers for fairy gardens. Their shallow depth and broad surface area make them ideal for creating a miniature garden.

You can add tiny plants, figurines, and various decorative elements to create an enchanting landscape. Ceramic dishes are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs. It allows for creativity and customization. They’re a popular choice for indoor fairy gardens, infusing your living space with a touch of whimsy.

Just remember to add drainage holes and a layer of gravel at the bottom to support healthy plant growth. With a ceramic dish, you can create a fairy garden container that’s as unique as your imagination!

Bird Cage or Birdbath

Use old bird cages or birdbaths as containers for fairy gardens to create a magical atmosphere. Hang a birdcage from a tree or pergola to create a charming floating garden that stands out.

Inside it, arrange fairy figurines or gnome accessories amidst miniature plants to craft a magical microcosm. For your birdbath, fill it with rich soil and delicate flora, again adding fairy or gnome details to personalize. The flat surface provides a perfect stage for intricate designs.

These containers give a fairy-tale charm to your home or garden by repurposing items you might already have.

Fish Tank

If you’re looking for a unique and captivating container for your fairy village, consider using a fish tank. This transparent container provides an amazing view of your miniature world.

You can turn a fish tank into a magical underwater fairy garden by adding small plants, figurines, and aquatic-themed accessories. You can craft a magical underwater scene with colorful pebbles and shells.

The transparent walls of the fish tank allow for easy observation of this captivating ecosystem. Adding water features like small ponds or streams to your fish tank can make your fairy garden more charming and lively.


Using an old suitcase for your fairy garden gives it a vintage look and makes it easy to display your miniature world.

The whimsical nature of a suitcase fairy garden adds an element of surprise to any setting. The compartments can be used to create different levels for planting and decorating. To complete your enchanting scene, add mini furniture, plants, and tiny figurines.


Flowerpots are a great choice for making charming fairy gardens because they come in different sizes and shapes. These small pots are a great foundation for your DIY project. You can plant small plants and set up fairy figurines to create magical landscapes.

You can customize your flowerpot fairy garden with accessories like pebbles, moss, and small stones. Flowerpots can be used indoors or outdoors, making them a popular choice for fairy gardens.

With regular watering, occasional pruning, and refreshing the decorative elements, you can easily maintain your fairy garden. 

Terra Cotta Pot

Let’s explore the natural charm of terra-cotta pots as containers for your fairy garden.

A terra-cotta pot adds an earthy touch to your mini garden. It is a perfect backdrop for fairy houses and small plants. Its porous nature promotes healthy growth by allowing better airflow to the plant roots. Plus, they come in various sizes, offering flexibility for your design.

Yet, the standout feature is their drainage holes. These prevent your delicate plants from becoming waterlogged, ensuring a thriving fairy realm. Don’t forget, you can customize your terra-cotta pot with paint or decorations to match your desired theme.


Turning an old cabinet into a unique fairy garden container can introduce a whole new level of enchantment. You can use the cabinet’s multiple compartments to your advantage. Its shelves and drawers make perfect sections for different miniature plants and fairy figurines.

Each compartment can have its own creative landscaping. It adds depth and variety to your garden. You can paint or decorate the cabinet with a magical theme, like an enchanted forest or a fairy tale castle. 


Wheelbarrows are great for making large miniature gardens with many different plants. You can use a wheelbarrow as a focal point in your yard by filling it with plants and accessories.

You can incorporate hardscape elements like rocks or pebbles as ground cover. The texture and color contrast a wheelbarrow provides adds visual interest and depth to your fairy garden setup. For a magical touch, consider adding mini lights to your wheelbarrow fairy garden. This will create a beautiful sparkle and showcase your miniature garden effectively.

Wheelbarrows are therefore a unique and practical option for your fairy garden container.


If you’re looking for a spacious and rustic option for your outdoor fairy garden, whiskey barrels are a fantastic choice. These barrels provide a generous surface for showcasing your stunning miniature landscape. The rustic and authentic appearance of fairy garden containers truly elevates their overall theme.

Barrels are larger than most containers. They give you ample room to experiment with various plants to get. You can incorporate a miniature house, a tiny pond, or a small cobblestone path, creating a magical atmosphere. Place them on your front porch or balcony, adding charm and sparkle with mini lights.

The potential for your container ideas is truly limitless with whiskey barrels. Explore the magic of creating your own fairy garden with these versatile and charming barrels.


Transform your unused wagons into enchanting containers for fairy gardens. These versatile wagons provide a unique and creative canvas for your whimsical displays.

Fill them with a variety of miniature plants to create a magical, small-scale landscape. Think of colorful flowers to brighten up your wagons, evoking a nostalgic atmosphere right in your garden.

The beauty of using wagons as your fairy garden containers lies in their flexibility. You can customize your display with varying levels and textures.

With a bit of imagination, your rusted or vintage wagons can become charming habitats for your fairy garden friends. 

Old Drawers

You can transform old drawers into unique fairy garden containers to add a vintage touch to your setup.

Reuse old drawers to create a lovely display by filling them with various plants, accessories, and small trees. Stacking them won’t only save space, but also add an extra dimension to your fairy garden design.

These drawers have a casual and creative look that will make your fairy garden unique. They will transform your fairy garden into a conversation piece in any outdoor area.

Tips for Creating a Fairy Garden

Creating a fairy garden isn’t just about choosing the right container. It’s also about the small details that make your little world come alive. Consider using durable materials for your outdoor garden.

Using acrylic paints and sealers can help make your mini garden last longer. It can keep your fairy realm enchanting for as long as possible.

Don’t Use Hot Glue Outdoors.

When making a little fairy garden, remember that hot glue is not good for outdoor use. It can become weak or melt in the sun and changing weather.

To maintain the longevity and durability of your enchanting miniature world, consider using weather-resistant adhesives. 

For a long-lasting fairy garden, use outdoor-friendly, durable materials and adhesives to maintain its charm and whimsy.

Popsicle Sticks are not Durable in the Outdoor Environment.

Popsicle sticks can be damaged by moisture, rot, and warping in an outdoor fairy garden. They could deteriorate quickly with exposure to sunlight, rain, and humidity, potentially ruining your miniature oasis.

Materials like treated wood, plastic, metal, or resin are more durable and can withstand the elements. Even your choice of potting soil can influence the longevity of your garden.

Use Acrylic Paints to Draw your Fairy Garden

Use acrylic paints to add life to your fairy garden containers. Create detailed designs, patterns, and scenes that will make your miniature world more magical. These paints are ideal for adding fine details and custom motifs, and they dry quickly, allowing you to work efficiently.

Choose an Acrylic Sealer to Extend the Lifespan of Mini Garden

To keep your painted fairy garden containers looking good for longer, it’s a good idea to use an acrylic sealer. This protective layer shields your mini garden pots from harsh weather conditions and UV rays. You apply the sealer in thin, even coats over the pot and soil, ensuring thorough coverage.

Regular reapplication of the acrylic sealer helps maintain the integrity of your decorations over time. By choosing a suitable acrylic sealer, you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of your fairy garden for much longer.

Maintenance of a Fairy Garden

Maintaining your fairy garden is crucial for its longevity and appeal. Regular watering and pruning of the plants keeps them healthy and enhances their growth. Don’t forget to check for pests and replace worn-out decorations to keep your miniature world fresh and vibrant.

Watering Regularly

In keeping your fairy garden vibrant and lively, regular watering is absolutely crucial. Overwatering, however, can lead to root rot, so it’s essential to strike a balance. It’s important to monitor the soil moisture levels in your fairy garden and adjust the watering schedule as needed. The correct amount of watering ensures that your plants stay healthy and the soil maintains the perfect moisture balance.

Regular and appropriate watering is a key element to maintain the charm and whimsy of your fairy garden.

Pruning Plants

When it comes to the maintenance of your fairy garden, pruning your plants isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential. Regular pruning prevents overcrowding and ensures adequate sunlight and airflow reach all plants.

Begin by trimming the overgrown branches. This not only maintains the shape and size of your plants but also promotes healthy growth. Always use clean, sharp pruning shears for precision and to avoid damaging your plants.


So, there you have it! You have lots of great ideas for fairy garden containers and tips for creating and maintaining your magical oasis. Use fairy garden kits and little accessories to create your fairy garden. Don’t forget, the beauty of fairy gardens lies in your creativity and imagination. So, go ahead, transform your space into a whimsical wonderland.

Remember, your fairy garden is never truly finished, but continually evolving. Just like in a real garden, there’s always room for growth and change.

Happy gardening!