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Elevate your dollhouse experience with this 5pcs/set Dollhouse Cleaning Tool, a must-have for meticulous miniature cleaning. Designed for dollhouse enthusiasts and collectors, this set offers precision tools to keep your tiny abode in pristine condition.

Each tool in this set is crafted with attention to detail and functionality, allowing you to clean and maintain even the smallest corners of your dollhouse. From mini brooms to tiny dustpans and brushes, this set ensures that every nook and cranny remains spotless.

Ideal for miniature cleaning tasks, this set is perfect for dollhouse hobbyists, collectors, and children alike. Whether you’re a meticulous miniaturist or looking to teach kids about the importance of cleanliness, these tools provide a fun and engaging way to care for your dollhouse.

Enhance your dollhouse experience with the 5pcs/set Dollhouse Cleaning Tool. Order now and keep your miniature world sparkling clean!

Material: resin

Size: see in the picture

Quantity: 5pcs/set

Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg

4 reviews for 5pcs/set Dollhouse Cleaning Tool – Stonetowerminiatures


    These stairs look great and will provide access to the balcony level for my 1/12 theater project.

  2. Gayle Korte

    Love it ! He’s so cute . He will look great in my dollhouse .

  3. udelhot

    The Item met my expectations

  4. Amy Slingsby

    These are adorable. I got two and they arrived quickly. I’m sure I’ll be back for more items.

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5pcs/set Dollhouse Cleaning Tool
5pcs/set Dollhouse Cleaning Tool – Stonetowerminiatures