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Dive into the world of mini crafting with our charming Miniature Knitting Needles Set! Crafted with precision for hobbyists and collectors, this set provides a delightful array of mini needles tailored for your miniature knitting projects. Designed to enhance the authenticity of your creations, these intricately detailed needles offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for diorama artisans and dollhouse enthusiasts, this set guarantees a realistic touch to your miniature knitting scenes. Elevate your crafting experience today with this essential set and let your creativity flourish! 🧵✨

Size: 1:12 Scale

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Weight 0.008 kg
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Green, Pink, Yellow, Red, Gray

4 reviews for Miniature Knitting Needles Set – Stonetowerminiatures

  1. Nadine Bandler

    Cute mini prop for dollhouse or teensy bjd.

  2. Vickie Tiffin

    Making cute knitting basket for farmhouse decorations. Thank you.

  3. Jennifer

    These are perfect for a baby shower themed knitted together -Psalm 139:13-14.


    These stairs look great and will provide access to the balcony level for my 1/12 theater project.

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Miniature Knitting Needles Set
Miniature Knitting Needles Set – Stonetowerminiatures


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